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Thank you so much for your help and will now post FOUND on my...post, lol.

*Huge Hugs*

It took me ages to think of it, which was totally your fault.

You might want to remember for next time: Difficult for peeps to think clearly when your default icon is so damn distracting :P

Sorry 'bout that...Not!XD

Can't help it if I'm a hardcorist, ya know? *Grins Evily*

P.S. You icon rocks to! *Grins*

Yeah yeah lol. I'll forgive you 'cause I'm sympathising with your plight. Been searching the cobwebs in my poor brain for a fic I remember reading ages ago.

I might have to give in and go to spn storyfinders with a begging bowl.

What plight? lol.

By the way dude, do you happen to know any Bottom!Jared stories similar to this fic?? I'm desparate! lol.

If you haven't already posted on Spnstoryfinders, can you ask for me?? *Puppy Eyes Of Doom*

I'm the very last person to ask about bottom!Jared stories lol. I like him all aggressive and "mind if I shove you against the nearest wall and go to town on your ass Jensen?"

I expect there are though, just look through the hurt!Jared tags.

Guh, I think I read this but now I want to read again!

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